Siddhartha Shishu Sadan, a shrine of learning, was founded in 2033 B.S.(1976 A.D.)to cater the needs of young children in persuasion of high quality education. The school is located in the heart of green and industrial enclave of sub-metropolitan city Biratnagar. Siddhartha is a student-supported institution and is strictly committed to bring the best quality education to the students from all walks of life.

 The very first batch of SLC students passed out all in the Ist division, in the year 2045 B.S. and since then, the cent-percent results have become a routine achievement which never allowed Siddhartha to look back. We are highly grateful to our most revered parents as well as students for their generous support and sincere cooperation whenever we felt isolated, deceived and of course, in need.
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