The school will not undertake to keep a vacant seat for a child who does not join the school on the date arranged, whether at the begining or during the session. In such a case, no refunds will be made.
If by some unavoidable circumstances, a child cannot attend classes for more than three days, a leave of absence should be produced in written, duly certified and signed by the parents/guardians.
Students are not allowed outside the school compound during school hours and parents/guardians are restricted from visiting their wards or meeting class teachers during such hours. If any urgent case arises, parents/guardians are requested to seek permission from the authorities. Such a case can be arranged during the leisure period or the off hours, on securing legal permission from the authorities.
A child suffering from or who has been in contact with any infectious disease must produce a Medical Certificate to the effect that he/she may join the school without any risk of contamination. In case of serious illnesses or accidents during school hours, parents/guardians will be immediately notified and further medical advice and treatment will be considered entirely at their own discretion. The school will not bear any responsibility, financial or otherwise, in such cases. Medical First Aid is available within the school premises and cases involving minor accidents will be treated in the school itself.
Parents/Guardians intending to withdraw their ward(s) from the school must give a calendar month’s notice, in written and non-compliance to this condition, one month’s fee will be charged, in lieu of notice.
Transfer Certificate, Progress Report and other such relevant documents will not be issued if arrears remain pending.
Non-payment of tuition fee and other incidental charges, for more than two months, will result in the concerned student being refused to attend the classes until all such outstanding dues are cleared in full. But in case of more than three months, the student’s name may be struck off the rolls and sent back home. Sitting in the examination, to such a student, thus will be restricted.
Parents/Guardians are not encouraged to send their ward(s) to school with expensive items, jewellery, ornaments, watches etc. In case of loss or theft, the school will not bear any responsibility and no reimbursement will be made in such a case.
Students must compulsorily sit in all the weekly, monthly, preliminary, quarterly and other periodical examinations. Abstaining from such an examination, without prior leave application, will restrict a student from securing promotion to a higher class. A student who fails for two consecutive years in the same class, will be automatically removed from the school.
A student must have minimum attendance of 85% of the total working days. One is not eligible to sit for the examination if this attendance falls short.
No other arrangement will be made for students who for any reason remain absent from the term or final examination. There is no provision for re-test.
Progress Reports or Assessment Cards are sent home every month and at the end of every term. They should be carefully scrutinised and returned to the school, duly signed, within three days. These should be given due importance as promotion to a higher class is dependent on the performance of the student during the whole academic year and not based solely on the results of the final examination.

Parents/Guardians are requested to extend a helping-hand to the school in matters relating to the well-being of a student. Constructive criticism and suggestions, if any, are to be brought to the notice of the Management.

 The decision of the authorities, in the matter of promotion, is final and binding. Any request, regarding promotion, will strictly not be entertained.



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